Movie Screening Tips

How to Run a Successful Movie Event


  • ADVERTISE at least three weeks in advance of the movie event. We can supply posters (when available). We suggest you create fliers which can be done from our website under ADVERTISING TOOLS.

  • UTILIZE all available advertising mediums:
      • School Newsletter

      • Morning Announcements EVERY DAY.

      • Have Planning Committee Visit Classrooms to Notify Their Fellow Students.

      • Send a Notice Home to Parents.

      • PICK a title that is age appropriate and available IN ADVANCE of the home video street date.

      • OFFER an early bird price to promote early ticket sales.

      • SHOW the film, if possible, during school hours. Offer the students a "buy-out" of class to attend the movie event. This is particularly popular for schools that have bused children.

      • PACKAGE the movie with concession items. Water and Popcorn work great! They are clean, healthy, inexpensive, easy to source and make for a quick and painless clean-up!

      • PRICE the tickets right! $5.00 for a water, popcorn and movie (before home DVD date) is a great deal!

      • OFFER prizes. Criterion can donate up to 2 posters (depending upon stock) to give away to students who:
        • Sold the Most Tickets
        • Helped Clean-Up after the Event
        • Answered a Trivia Question Related to the Film.

The Options are Limitless!!

  • GET THE STUDENTS INVOLVED! Have a poster contest or a trivia contest. Your event will have a huge success if it has student involvement.


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