cod logoCriterion Pictures has developed an on-line digital delivery feature film platform called Criterion-on-Demand. Our goal is to provide easy access to educationally relevant feature films used in the K-12 US School System. This includes genres such as Literary Adaptations, Social Justice, Black History, Animation, Edutainment, History, etc. Criterion-on-Demand is the premier customizable online feature film platform, created specifically for these institutions

Criterion-on-Demand includes:

  • More than 600 feature films
  • Subtitled when available
  • English and Spanish Language
  • Access via IP authentication
  • Unlimited 24-7 access
  • Ability to service remote learning
  • High-Quality media
  • MARC records if required

Criterion on Demand is completely customizable. You can pick ONE title or include the entire 1000+ titles.

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