Motorcoach Services

Criterion's licensing options include title-by-title, digital, and Fleet! We are currently developing technology solutions which would enable your coach to eliminate HARD COPY distribution. We enable our customers to source their own content provided that it is

  • A Legally Manufactured Copy, and
  • Available From Our List of Producers!

It is time to stop paying unnecessary fees! Call Criterion so that we can focus on your Bus Company's individual needs and set up a custom designed solution that:

  • Provides a Reliable Service at An Affordable Price
  • Eliminates the Need for The Expensive, and Often Unreliable, Service of Shipping Hard Copy Content on a Title-By-Title Basis
  • Provides Full Copyright Protection
  • Provides Edit Versions
  • Provides a Customer Service Team that will Help You Devise Lists, Create Promotions, and Give Your Customers What They Want in a Movie Entertainment Service!


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