Licensing Options

You can order films from Criterion on a title-by-titles basis. Each film is individually priced and offers full copyright protection. Pricing depends upon the following:

    • Audience Size
    • Title Release Date
    • Admission Fees
    • Indoor Screening vs Outdoor Screening


Criterion Pictures is prepared to offer a title-by-title price guarantee! We will match any other offer you receive!

All title-by-title customers have access to our press materials including our advertising tools


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For those schools that show more than one title per year, Criterion can offer an annual subscription that is customized to your exact needs.

Criterion's Annual Subscriptions are:

    • Based on the Number of Titles Required Over the Course of a Year
    • Can Include Pre-Release Titles (in Advance of the Home DVD Date) if so Desired
    • Includes All the Necessary Public Performance Rights
    • Includes Access to Our Press Materials Including our Advertising Tools
    • Includes the Rights to Charge Admission Fees

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Bring a film to your school as a fundraiser and/or a special event. Criterion can supply films to your school IN ADVANCE of the home DVD date. Pre-release titles are a huge treat for students and seriously increase your fundraising odds! Imagine showing a film such as , FERDINAND, ICE AGEPERCY JACKSON, and others months before the street date!