Annual Subscriptions

Criterion will create an annual subscription package that can meet the needs of your ENTIRE Fleet. Pricing depends upon:

  • Fleet Size
  • Number of Titles
  • Length of Agreement

Criterion Pictures is developing a digital solution for buses that will make sourcing hardcopy DVD's irrelevant. Image having hundreds of titles available at the "click-of-a-button"? Imagine being able to offer your FLEET a movie license option that includes, not just public performance rights, but a cost-effective delivery method directly to your customers. Our goal over the next 12 months is to develop a technology solution that meets your Fleet's needs!


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Criterion can provide licensing for titles on a title-by-title basis. All titles can be sourced by the Bus Company (why pay expensive shipping fees if you don't have to!) provided that your movies are:

  • Legally manufactured and/or from a legal source

  • From the list of titles that Criterion Pictures represents

    Our prices depend upon the number of titles you select. We custom design our licenses to meet the individual needs of our customers...and their customers. With more than 3000 titles available, I am certain that Criterion can meet your movie needs. Titles such as AVATAR, THE LIFE OF PI, SHREK, THE CROODS, X-MEN, and thousands of others are only available from Criterion Pictures.


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