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Criterion Pictures is one of the largest non-theatrical providers of feature films in North America. Criterion Pictures licenses feature films for Colleges, Universities, Correctional Facilities, Healthcare Organizations, Bus Lines, as well as Public and Private Schools, Museums, Performing Art Centers, Religious Organizations, Resorts, Camps, and Park and Recreation. Criterion offers its customers customizable programming options and supplies its product on all available mediums.


In the United States, Criterion has exclusive relationships with some of Hollywood's largest film Studios, such as 20th Century Studios, SearchLight Pictures, Troma Films, New Concorde, among others. Criterion offers its films in advance of the home DVD date and works hard to help its customers maximize the success of their event. Criterion provides title-by-title rights, bulk licensing options, blanket licensing services for select markets, and on-line digital solutions. We work with our customers to deliver content by all available means and to meet their individual specific needs.

Criterion Pictures is part of the Global Eagle Entertainment Family. Global Eagle Entertainment is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and is a world-wide leader in non-theatrical distribution and connectivity to over 180 airlines worldwide. Global Eagle is a full service non-theatrical leader, offering Lab Services, Connectivity, Gaming, Television and Feature Film content, Post Production Services, as well as Content platforms.




























Repeat Performers

February 23 - Academy Awards

Plan your Black History Month virtual activities with Criterion Virtual Streaming

Using our streaming platform and our list of award-winning films, Criterion can help plan your Black History Month virtual events. Screenings are hosted on our Criterion-on-Demand platform and are customized to your schedule. Your sales rep can help you with all the details, as well as a flexible pricing structure based on the attendance size of your choosing.


Criterion Pictures has 100s of family friendly and animated films. Our catalogue includes Blue Sky Entertainment and 20th Century Fox.

      • Huge Film Library
      • No Black Out Dates
      • Reliable Service
      • Early Window Options
      • Call Us Now to Plan Summer 2017!


Showing feature films outside, under the stars, on a giant screen.

Show Movie "Anywhere You Can Imagine!"
On the side of a warehouse, panel van, silo, in an open lot projected on the wall of an adjacent building, outdoors in a park, poolside, on a golf course, a beach, in the snow, in a gym, church, community centre, aquarium, mall....honestly...."Anywhere You Can Imagine!"

Client & employee appreciation, family nights, business and product awareness, sponsorships, fund raising, entertainment for: clubs, organizations, conventions, restaurants, businesses, hotels, camps, transportation companies...once again, "Anywhere You Can Imagine!"

Showing movies OUTDOORS has gained popularity over the last five to ten years, and it has become increasing affordable. Let Criterion help you plan your Outdoor event.

Call us NOW for more details or Click Here to Learn More!

Must-Have Movie Titles

Titles We Are Excited About

Colleges have a large variety of Student Campus Clubs whereby students bond together towards a common goal and/or objective, theme, and/or purpose. College clubs include but are not limited to:

    • Academic / Professional
    • Affinity
    • Awareness and Advocacy
    • Governing
    • Music and Performing Arts
    • Political
    • Religious
    • Service and Activism
    • Special Interests
    • Sports


Showing films at your club is a GREAT way to bring your members together. Movies can help find awareness to your cause. 

 Hundreds of titles are available to your group at the click of a button. All our movies have Full Public Performance Rights and can be streamed or downloaded.

Call 1-800-890-9494 to find out how Criterion can help you with your campus club screenings or click here to learn more.
















































K-12 Classroom Streaming


Children's Films

Criterion Pictures has a large collection of Children's Films. As the exclusive distributor of 20th Century Studios, Criterion has hundreds of titles to choose from.

Classic Films

Criterion Pictures has an incredible collection of classic films, ranging from 1920 classics to recent Academy Award-winning films. Many of our titles are based on popular literary adaptations and have both educational and entertainment value.

Our Criterion Pictures customer care team can help your library choose the right film for your specific event. Take a look at the classic titles below or contact us for assistance

New and Upcoming Movie Releases

Edited Films

Edited titles are airline versions of feature films. All objectionable words and phrases have been removed, converting the film to a PG rating.

Criterion has a large selection of edited films, and works with the Studios on a regular basis to ensure that this content is available for our customers. The title selection below is just a small selection of available titles. Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional edited content.


Book Your Fall Movie Schedule with Criterion Pictures!

Criterion has:

  • The Most Anticipated Films of the Summer
  • The Highest Grossing Halloween Film EVER - The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Hundreds of Cult Favorites

Parks and Recreation

Bring together your community by hosting a movie night!

Whether you’re showing a movie for camps, an after-school program, a senior event or even a birthday party, we have a large catalogue of exclusive films from a variety of Hollywood studios. You can pick from our family-friendly titles, or a classic animated movie as well as today’s biggest Hollywood blockbuster. Whatever your budget, we can help make your next movie night a big success.

All films are exclusively available through Criterion Pictures. Need some help? We can assist in meeting all your programming needs.

      • One time screening
      • Title sourcing
      • Regular movie programs
      • Special events
      • Advertising materials
      • Audience engagement
      • SWAG material

Call us NOW at 1-800-890-9494 for more details or Contact us online!

Movie Title Selection for K-12 Classroom Streaming


Criterion Pictures title selection includes ALL feature films from 20th Century Fox (now 20th Century Studios) and National Geographic. Browse below for some popular educational titles in the K-12 space:

Criterion is pleased to offer its VIRTUAL MOVIE Program

Criterion Pictures’ understands that College programming has changed substantially due to COVID-19. Event planning, while practicing social distancing rules is challenging. Criterion is pleased to offer its VIRTUAL MOVIE program. Using our streaming platform and our list of award-winning films, Criterion can help you continue your movie programs despite the pandemic. 

  • Stream films directly to your students
  • Maximum one movie per week
  • Some of Hollywood’s biggest films
  • Start a movie-club and add weekly discussions via ZOOM
  • Create a weekly movie trivia contest for each film presented. We can help you! 

Through modified delivery methods, our goal is to help you connect with the students and keep some on-campus programming possible!