Criterion Pictures is one of the largest non-theatrical providers of feature films in North America. Criterion Pictures licenses feature films for Colleges, Universities, Correctional Facilities, Healthcare Organizations, Bus Lines, as well as Public and Private Schools, Museums, Performing Art Centers, Religious Organizations, Resorts, Camps, and Park and Recreation. Criterion offers its customers customizable programming options and supplies its product on all available mediums.

In the United States, Criterion has exclusive relationships with some of Hollywood's largest film Studios, such as 20th Century Studios, SearchLight Pictures, Troma Films, New Concorde, among others. Criterion offers its films in advance of the home DVD date and works hard to help its customers maximize the success of their event. Criterion provides title-by-title rights, bulk licensing options, blanket licensing services for select markets, and online digital solutions. We work with our customers to deliver content by all available means and to meet their individual specific needs.

Criterion Pictures is part of Anuvu. Anuvu is a full-service non-theatrical leader, offering Lab Services, Connectivity, Gaming, Television and Feature Film content, Post Production Services, as well as Content platforms. Anuvu is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and is a world-wide leader in non-theatrical distribution and connectivity to over 180 airlines worldwide. 

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